Because the universe
can't wait for pioneers
looking beyond
the status quo

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That differentiates us.

We think and work like a start-up
with the awareness of an experienced CTO/CPO.

Consult & Assess

Since our team incarnated the startup DNA, we only commit to ideas and teams we ourselves believe in. The positive impact of a project matters to us. This enables us to be persistent and take a long-term perspective within your digital product development.

Test & Validate

Accelerate your project with us by focusing on the users and creating value for them as soon as you can. Timing is a critical factor for success and we help you achieving your goals faster with a dedicated team of designers, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Build & Scaling

Ideas are worth nothing without great execution. We take care of the technical product development and help you to overcome the critical phase of product-market fit, with a first MVP. Afterwards, we think and execute the scaling process build on real market feedback with you.

Well-equipped with
an uptodate tech stack

Building innovative digital products is only possible by deploying the same mindset to the own tools. We keep us updated on the newest software and languages in order to be ahead of the competition. We don’t except the status quo – nowhere.

We are a team with diverse skills, backgrounds and characters

Don’t expect the standard or the norm from us! We are an exceptional team of dropouts and academics, diverse genders, and cultural backgrounds. But we are united by the passion for innovative digital products and a positive impact on the planet and society.

Let us innovate together